Monday, October 8, 2018

PLIST Editor's Privacy Policy


I strongly support your right to privacy when using my applications.

My privacy policy is simple: your data is none of my business and what I collect from you I keep to a very minimum, just to make an informed decision if the application is going on a good or wrong way.

Support Interactions

When handling support requests from you, I collect:
  • your email address
  • any information you provide voluntarily (such as crash logs, sample files, other diagnostic info)
This information is collected solely to help resolve your support incident. Support emails are retained indefinitely in order to:
  • have context from previous interactions which may help me answer your future questions more quickly
  • identify broad trends in support requests, which may help me identify and solve problems with the product
If you would like to remove support emails you have sent, contact

Application Usage Analytics

The application, by default, collects information about the way you use it. This data is anonymized before it is sent to the analytics server, and cannot be used to personally identify you.

You may opt out of usage analytics if you wish by going to application's Preferences panel (⌘,) and unchecking "Send crash reports and statistics".

Currently, I use the analytics to track the following:
  • User growth (new users)
  • User retention (how often an user opens the application and for how long it uses it)
  • Adoption rate of a certain release

Crash Logs

By default, if the application crashes while you're using it, anonymized data about the crash will be collected to help me identify the cause of the crash and hopefully fix it in a future update. These "crash logs" contain information such as the state of the application, operating system, and device at the time of the crash, but not your private data.

You may opt out of crash log reporting if you wish by going to application's Preferences panel (⌘,) and unchecking "Send crash reports and statistics".

Your crash log may be sent to a third-party vendor for collection and aggregation. Please refer to the list of third-party vendors.

Apple may also collect crash logs if the privacy settings of your device allow it.

Third-Party Vendor Services Used

  • Collection and aggregation of crash logs is provided by Crashlytics.
  • Collection and aggregation of usage analytics is provided by Fabric's Answers.
  • A private bitbucket repository is used to keep a backlog of the support incidents.

Opting Out

To opt out of data collection, open the application's Preferences panel (⌘,) and uncheck "Send crash reports and statistics".
Be aware that the operating system may still collect crash logs and other analytics and send them to Apple unless you have disabled that separately in the operating system's settings.

Rights of EU Citizens Under GDPR

Citizens of the EU may exercise their rights under the General Data Protection Regulation, such as the rights of access and erasure, by contacting me with their request. We recommend emailing the request to

Questions and Feedback

Feel free to contact me if you have further questions about data collection or privacy policy.